The Cottagecore Benefits

Cottagecore is an aesthetic that celebrates a highly idealised rural life and nostalgia for the countryside. It emphasises overall simplicity and reclusive activities like baking, sewing, reading, gardening and more.

Cottagecore gained popularity on Tumblr in the 2010s and has exploded on Instagram and Tik Tok as a way to reconnect with nature and enjoy the simple things in life.

1. It’s a form of self-care

If you’re looking for a new way to recharge your batteries, cottagecore could be the perfect movement for you. It’s all about reconnecting with nature, slowing down and taking time to care for yourself and the environment.

While the idea of a bucolic getaway isn’t new, this trend has been gaining momentum recently and could be just what you’ve been searching for. The cottagecore benefits are numerous, and could help you to reconnect with the world around you and feel a sense of comfort and calm in your everyday life.

Getting outdoors and into the natural world can provide some serious mental health benefits. It can help to reduce stress, anxiety and depression by enabling you to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of modern day life.

In addition to bringing nature inside, cottagecore also promotes self-care and mindfulness by encouraging the practice of meditation and yoga. It can also help you to reconnect with yourself and your senses by reducing the amount of time spent on screen-based activities such as watching television or social media.

2. It’s a form of community

Cottagecore is a form of community that celebrates slow living, self-sufficiency, and a return to nature. It’s popular among queer teens who want to reject the materialistic and oppressive values of mainstream society.

The back-to-basics philosophy of cottagecore is rooted in the Transcendentalist movement and the ‘Back to the Land’ movement of the 1960s and ’70s. These movements saw millions of Americans abandoning city life for rural and commune lifestyles.

However, the popularity of this aesthetic has a dark past behind it. It is often tied to colonialism and the history of Black people being redlined from farming.

It is important to note that many activities popularized by cottagecore are cultural practices repackaged and white-washed, such as shinrin-yoku or Japanese forest bathing. These can exacerbate the environmental and social problems associated with this trend.

3. It’s a form of self-expression

Those who embrace the cottagecore aesthetic and lifestyle benefit from stress relief, connection with nature, sustainability, creativity, community, and personal growth. They also feel a sense of belonging and freedom in this type of lifestyle.

This is because cottagecore encourages people to live a more simple life. They often reminisce about the simpler times when technology was not as readily available and environmental issues were less of a concern.

One of the main components of the cottagecore aesthetic is floral prints. Flowers are frequently found in everything from dresses to wallpapers.

The cottagecore style is particularly popular among queer teens because it allows them to be themselves and live in a safe environment. It’s a way to escape the harsh and discriminatory world of the mainstream and create their own little place where they can feel comfortable.

In addition to these benefits, it is also believed that the cottagecore aesthetic can act as a form of self-expression and coping mechanism. This study aims to understand the relationship between the cottagecore aesthetic and fashion by creating more wearable and versatile ready-to-wear pieces while retaining its principal elements and traditional techniques.

4. It’s a form of self-love

There’s a lot of escapism to be found in Cottagecore aesthetics, whether you live in the countryside or not. Thousands of people post pictures of their cozy farmhouses and rustic bedrooms on social media, providing a place to escape the busy life.

This wholesome lifestyle movement has also become a popular fashion trend, rekindling a nostalgic longing for simpler times. From bucolic florals to peasant dresses, Cottagecore fashion has taken over Instagram and TikTok in recent years.

Aside from its aesthetic, Cottagecore is also a lifestyle movement that promotes a slower, more sustainable way of life. It encourages a focus on simple pleasures like spending time in nature, baking homemade treats, and enjoying meals with friends.

This type of lifestyle is a form of self-love, as it teaches people to slow down and appreciate the little things in life. It also provides a safe space to express feelings that may not be easy in a modern society.