How Userway Benefits Website Owners and Developers

Using Userway’s website audit software can help you gain valuable insight into how your customers interact with your websites. This is important for businesses of all types and sizes, from startups to a multi-national corporation. It is also helpful for web developers looking to ensure that their websites are fully accessible. With Userway’s tools, you can get free website scans, as well as AI-powered accessibility widgets that let you know if any parts of your website are not working as expected. It can also provide real-time site audits, customer experience and engagement portfolios, and more.

Free website scans

If you want to test your website for accessibility compliance, you can try Userway. It’s a free tool that identifies web content issues. It can help you make your site more accessible and reduce your risk of accessibility lawsuits.

The tool’s primary function is to check for WCAG 2.0 Level AA and AAA compliance. But it also offers a real-time monitoring service. Its team of experts can review your website’s content to identify high-level issues. You can also access detailed remediation guidance to make your site more accessible.

UserWay has a number of free accessibility testing tools. You can opt for a one-time scan or you can subscribe to a monthly plan. After a short registration process, you can start scanning your website. You will receive an email with an overview of the results. You can also export the report in PDF format for easier analysis.

Real-time site audits

UserWay provides real-time site audits to help website owners monitor for accessibility issues. The company also offers monitoring services to help users spot new problems and take corrective action.

UserWay’s scanning and monitoring service includes a dashboard that tracks progress. It prioritizes templates and site-wide violations to help you catch problems early.

Using its popular accessibility widget, UserWay scans your site and highlights areas where you can improve your site’s compliance. The widget supports over 30 languages and offers a variety of functions. Among them, you can pause flashing content, change text size, and add a text contrast modifier. It also informs you of common design mistakes and text alternatives.

Unlike other accessibility solutions, UserWay has a dedicated account manager to answer your questions and ensure you have the best customer experience. Usually, questions are answered in minutes.

The UserWay access audit is performed by a team of expert accessibility consultants. They scan the content on your website to identify problems with WCAG 2.1 Level AA compliance. The results are then detailed in a report. The audit can be completed in 14 business days.

AI-powered accessibility widgets

When you need to make your website accessible to all, one of the best solutions is an AI-powered accessibility widget. With an accessibility widget, your website is guaranteed to be ADA and WCAG compliant.

Users can choose to add an AI-powered widget to their website or have it automatically implemented. This widget provides a user-friendly, inclusive experience.

The UserWay Accessibility Widget can be integrated onto your site with a single line of Javascript code. It combines hundreds of AI-powered functions into a simple interface. It includes an intelligent and customizable toolbar that gives disabled and non-disabled visitors an easy way to navigate your site. It even offers a link highlighter, text contrast modifier, and pause flashing function.

Using this widget, your website will be able to meet the standards of ADA and WCAG 2.1, which can help protect your site from lawsuits. It also ensures that new content is accessible.

Customer experience and engagement portfolio

UserWay is a company that develops solutions to improve the website experience for people with mobility issues. For example, it allows people with visual impairments to independently increase contrast, adjust the size, and customize the language, locale, and accessibility statements. This helps create a simpler browsing experience. It also provides a solution that doesn’t require users to disclose their disability.

In addition to allowing customization, the solution is designed to provide a secure data system. It is not stored on the UserWay web site and does not require any user data to be collected. Moreover, it is a HIPAA-compliant product. It also adheres to ADA and WCAG standards.

To help users with disabilities, UserWay partnered with Carahsoft. This company will market UserWay technologies to government agencies and educational organizations. This includes creating a portfolio of UserWay services.

Users are advised to read the terms of service when accessing the UserWay Service. They also should note that UserWay is not responsible for any damages or loss that may arise from third-party web sites.