Apify Review – Web Scraping and Data Extraction Platform

Apify is a cloud-based web scraping and automation platform that turns any website into an API. It offers a wide range of ready-made scrapers and custom solutions.

Building in-house web scraping and automation solutions can be time consuming and expensive. What initially seems like a simple and quick project can quickly turn into a costly adventure because of anti-scraping protections, proxies, scaling issues, and new challenges that tend to pop up whenever target websites change their structure.

Easy to use

Apify offers a powerful web scraping and data extraction platform that allows users to automate a wide variety of online processes. Its ease of use, robust features, and high user satisfaction rate make it an excellent choice for businesses, researchers, and individuals looking to automate their online data extraction and processing needs.

Its cloud programs, known as actors, are used to scrape websites and process data. They can run for a few seconds, hours, or even infinitely.

The Apify platform also includes a number of other tools, including proxies, specialized data storage services, and an SDK for developers. These features are designed to help users get the most out of their data extraction projects.

The platform also offers a free trial of 20 shared proxies, making it a great way to test out the software before purchasing. In addition, it has excellent documentation, technical support, and customer service.


When it comes to scalable and reliable web scraping and data extraction, Apify is one of the best solutions available. Their tools can easily crawl arbitrary websites and extract structured data in formats like Excel, CSV or JSON.

They also offer flexible automation software to scale processes, automate tedious tasks and speed up workflows. It allows users to save time and energy by automatically detecting changes, filling out forms, publishing information to multiple targets, processing invoices, aggregating content from several sources and more.

Their flexible tools are built around the ‘Actors’ cloud programs that can scrape websites, process data and automate workflows at scale. They use solid open-source technologies (like Meteor!) and are backed by a strong developer ecosystem that allows developers to earn passive income from tools they create on their platform.


Web scraping and data extraction can be a reliable and affordable way to automate your online processes. It lets you scale your business and automate tedious tasks, increasing profits and employee morale while reducing time spent on boring, repetitive tasks.

What’s more, you can build your own web extraction scripts with less than 10 lines of code. Create custom scrapers, set them to run automatically, and store data in cloud storage.

Apify offers an easy-to-use interface, a rich developer ecosystem and a robust customer support team. It also provides a range of ready-made tools for popular websites.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the Apify platform and Crawlee open source community make web scraping fast, simple and affordable. It is also backed by industry-leading browser fingerprinting technology, which makes bots indistinguishable from humans.


Apify is one of the best web scraping and automation platforms available. They offer a range of ready-to-use scrapers for any use case and work with you to create custom solutions that fit your needs.

In addition to this, they offer an excellent customer service team to help you get started and scale your project. If you don’t have the skills to develop your own scrapers, they also have experts that can do it for you at a cost-effective rate.

This is a great option for businesses that need to collect a lot of data quickly and efficiently. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use and doesn’t require coding knowledge.

Apify offers a free plan that allows users to extract up to 50 pages per month. Paid plans start at $29 per month and offer a variety of additional features and capabilities.